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The company:

AFE was born in 1985 when Allan Cattle established a workshop in Auckland, New Zealand to specialize in Ferrari servicing.

Ferrari 250GT BoanoSince then, a considerable number of vehicles have been serviced, repaired, restored and prepared for racing, mainly Ferraris, but also a sprinkling of Maseratis and Lamborghinis.

Workshop projects have included full restoration on 246GT, 365GTB/4's, 250GT Boano and presently a 250GT/L, in addition to regular service work.

Racing projects have included preparing and racing Lotus single seaters, BMW 325 Group A and M3 Group A sedans and building and running a Ferrari 308GTB, extensively developed for a client over a 10 year period and currently being raced.

As well as Ferrari service and Ferrari rebuilds, we can supply or source an extensive range of new Ferrari parts, Ferrari used parts, and Ferrari cars for sale on behalf of clients. Whether you own a Ferrari 246 Dino, Ferrari 308 GT4, Ferrari 308 or Ferrari 328, we can help you.

We also have a limited selection of parts for Ferrari 166, 365 GTB/4 Daytona, Boxer 365 BB and 512 BB, and Testa Rossa.
Ferrari 308GTB

Allan Cattle:

Proprietor, Allan Cattle, has had a life-long passion for race cars and Ferraris. Initially preparing and racing his own small capacity sedans, then working for a Ford backed team in the 1970's, to owning and club racing various Ferraris.

In addition, there have been Lotus and Brabham historic single seaters and preparing and racing a BMW M3 in international Group A racing.

Presently keeping his hand in racing a Volpini FJ and preparing and supporting a client who's racing an extensively modified Ferrari 308GTB.

328GTS,512BB,365BB,400i,MONDIAL,355,360,456,550,F40,F50,Enzo, Michelin tyres

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